add on - center management

Malls and shopping centers require management:
Matching tenants, attractive anchors, optimized area management, joint advertising - services that go beyond the scope of property management but are essential for the performance of the property. Below a critical size of about one million Euros rent per annum, a professional center management is a hardly achievable requirement.

Except as part of property management services by TREUREAL. Things that are 'not worth it' for a single center, we provide as "add on" solution. We have the in-house specialists who manage and organize a center - without overdoing it "full-time" on a single center. A combination of higher-level technical expertise and management as well as on-site tenant service. This way, we offer even small centers a professional helping hand.

TREUREAL is partner of GERMAN COUNCIL of Shopping Centers

Your contact person for all questions of center management:

Kathrin Otto
Fliegerstraße 1
30179 Hannover
T +49 511 763535-19